Types of Fish in Wisconsin


Common and Popular Types of Wisconsin Fish

  • Bigmouth Buffalo - A fish you might not have heard of before is the Bigmouth Buffalo.  This is a very interesting fish.  Wisconsin bigmouth buffalo adapt themselves to...
  • Channel Catfish - Channel catfish are one of the more popular types of catfish.  If you live in the lower portion of the state, you will more than likely...
  • Crayfish - Are like mini freshwater Lobster which are edible and are used as bait by some anglers (check locate fishing regulations)...
  • Largemouth Bass - One of the more popular types of game fish is the largemouth bass.  These fish are abundant all over the state, but are...
  • Muskellunge, Muskie, Musky - The muskellunge is known as our state fish.  If you have tried to catch a musky before, you will know that it can take a large amount of...
  • Northern Pike - The northern pike is a very popular fish in Wisconsin also referred to a "Northern" or "Pike".  If you like to go ice-fishing, then you should...
  • Panfish - There are eleven different varieties of panfish in Wisconsin.  Those include Rock Bass, Green Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Warmouth, Orange spotted Sunfish, Bluegill, Long ear Sunfish, Yellow Perch, White Crappie, and the...
  • Rock Bass - If you like a big fight when catching a fish, then the rock bass is the fish for you.  Wisconsin rock bass put on a...
  • Smallmouth Bass - A very strong fighter for its size is the smallmouth bass.  They do not like getting caught so they put up as much of a...
  • Tiger Musky - The Tiger Muskellunge is very similar to the Muskellunge.  Muskies sometimes spawn with Northern pikes and then you get the...
  • Walleye - The focus of many fishermen’s attention is the Wisconsin walleye.  The walleye is one of the most prized game fish in this state.  They are very...


Wisconsin State Fishing Records - http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Fishing/documents/recordfish/wirecordfish.pdf 


ALL Types of Wisconsin Fish

  • Alewife -
  • American Eel -
  • Banded Killifish -
  • Bass: Largemouth, Rock, Smallmouth, Striped, White and Yellow -
  • Buffalos: Bigmouth, Smallmouth and Black -
  • Bullheads: Black, Brown and Yellow -
  • Bluegill -
  • Bloater -
  • Bowfin -
  • Burbot -
  • Carp: Bighead, Common, Grass and Silver -
  • Catfish: Blue, Channel and Flathead -
  • Central Mudminnow -
  • Chub: Gravel, Creek, Hornyhead, Lake, Shoal and Silver -
  • Cisco: Blackfin, Deepwater, Shortjaw, and Shortnose -
  • Crappie: Black and White -
  • Crayfish - No really a fish but a
  • Dace: Finescale, Longnose, Northern Redbelly, Pearl, Redside, Southern Redbelly and Western Blacknose -
  • Darter: River, Banded, Blackside, Bluntnose, Crystal, Fantail, Gilt, Iowa, Johnny, Least, Mud, Orangethroat, Rainbow, Slenderhead and Western Sand -
  • Drum -
  • Gar: Longnose, Shortnose and Spotted
  • Gizzard Shad -
  • Goby: Round & Tubenose -
  • Goldeye -
  • Goldfish -  
  • Grass Pickerel -
  • Kiyi -
  • Lamprey: American Brook, Chestnut, Northern Brook, Sea, Silver and Southern Brook-
  • Logperch -
  • Madtom: Slender and Tadpole -
  • Minnows: Bluntnose, Brassy, Bullhead, Fathead, Mississippi Silvery, Ozark, Pugnose and Suckermouth -
  • Mooneye -  
  • Musky, Muskie and Muskellunge -
  • Paddlefish -
  • Panfish: Rock Bass, Green Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Warmouth, Orange spotted Sunfish, Bluegill, Long ear Sunfish, Yellow Perch, White Crappie and Black Crappies -  
  • Perch: Pirate, White and Yellow -
  • Northern Pike -
  • Pumpkinseed -
  • Quillback -
  • Rainbow Smelt -
  • Redhorse: Black, Golden, Greater,  River Shorthead and Silver -
  • Rudd -
  • Ruffe -
  • Salmon: Atlantic, Chinook, Coho, Kokanee and Pink -
  • Sauger -
  • Sculpin: Deepwater, Mottled, Slimy and Spoonhead -
  • Shiner: Bigmouth, Blackchin, Blacknose, Channel, Common, Emerald, Ghost, Golden, Ironcolor, Mimic, Pallid, Pugnose, Red, Redfin, River, Rosyface / Carmine, Sand, Spotfin, Spottail, Striped and Weed -
  • Silverside Brook -
  • Skipjack Herring -
  • Smallmouth Bass -
  • Splake
  • Stickleback: Brook, Ninespine and Threespine -
  • Stonecat -
  • Stoneroller: Central and Largescale -
  • Sturgeon: Lake and Shovelnose -
  • Sucker: Blue, Longnose, Northern Hog, Spotted and White -
  • Sunfish: Green, Longear and Orangespotted -
  • Topminnow: Blackstripe and Starhead -
  • Tiger Musky -
  • Trout: Brook, Brown, Lake and Rainbow -
  • Trout-Perch -
  • Walleye -
  • Warmouth -
  • Western Mosquitofish -
  • Whitefish: Lake, Pygmy and Round -

Things to Remember when Fishing in Wisconsin: “Practice, Catch and Release” | “Always Check Local Fishing Regulations” | “Bring out what you brought in” | Try catching your own bait | “NO” Dynamite fishing which is dangerous and habitat destructive!

Know your Wisconsin Fish! – Wisconsin Fish Database (Opens in New Window) - http://www.wiscfish.org/fishid/frames.aspx

FREE Downloadable Fish Identification CD - http://www.wiscfish.org

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