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 Bigmouth Buffalo

A fish you might not have heard of before is the Bigmouth Buffalo.  This is a very interesting fish.  Wisconsin bigmouth buffalo adapt themselves to be able to live in the shallow and non-moving waters.  Bigmouth buffalo are known to be a fish that grows very rapidly.  Some have been seen to be five inches at just a year of age.  If you are looking for a Wisconsin bigmouth buffalo, they have been in abundance around the Mississippi River and any areas that are flooded.  Bigmouth buffalo are an amazing species of fish so, enjoy their presence.

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Name: Bigmouth Buffalo
Scientific Name: Ictiobus cyprinellus
Family: Carp
General Description: rounded snout, large and wide mouth, tip of upper lip on level with lower part of eye, thin and smooth lips, heavy body, large head, no spines, 12 to 41in long, up to 50lbs
Habitat: lowland lakes & big rivers with slow movement of water and bottom of mud, sand, and gravel. 
Spawning/Sexual Maturity: mate in april or may, spawn in small bays or streams, sexually mature at 3 years of age, up to 400,000 eggs
Diet: plankton, bottom plants, aquatic insects, small fish, fish eggs 
Life Expectancy: 10-15 years
Predators: newly hatched babies: northern pike, black bullheads, walleyes, mainly humans are true predator of this fish
Known Hotspots: Mississippi River & tributaries, flood plains
Popular Baits: small hooks hidden in dough balls when fishing rod and reel, bow and arrow, crossbow, spear
Fishing Tournaments: Unknown
State Record: 54lbs, Burlingame Lake, June 10, 1988
World Record: 70lbs 5oz, Bussey Brake, Bastrop, LA
Extra Facts: only time they migrate is when they are going to spawning areas, reproduction is linked to spring flooding, largest member of sucker family in Minnesota, very rapid growth rate, so not preyed on very often.


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