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Wiscosin Blue Jay

by Tanya Rothe

Blue Jays are a very beautiful and adventurous bird species that can be seen throughout Wisconsin.  They are well-known for their call and brilliant blue colors.  Jays are omnivores eating a variety of nuts, seeds, insects, and worms.  These birds tend to keep in flocks and travel South during the Winter seasons to find warm common grounds.  The Blue Jay is a very smart creature that is also highly able to adapt to its surroundings increasing its chances of survival in the wild.  Many of these blue birds have lost some interests due to their aggressiveness and habits of raiding other bird specie’s nests stealing eggs.  Other than that, they are pretty calm birds and a great sight to see in bird watching.


WI Blue Jay Photos



Blue Jays have been known for their sometimes “odd” behavior including taking ants and wiping them across their bodies using it as an antiseptic for their skin.  You will generally find them in and around woodlands, forests, and farmlands where food is abundant.  They are quite highly populated throughout the entire state of Wisconsin wherever there is a full bird feeder nearby.

Name: Blue Jay

Scientific Name: Cyanocitta Cristata

Measurements: 10-12 inches in length and up to 17 inch wingspan, up to 3.5 ounces.

Habitat: Farmland, Woodlands, and Forests.

Diet: nuts, seeds, insects, dog food, eggs, and worms.

Behavior: aggressive, steal eggs and sometimes entire nests, migrate South for Winter, and stay in flocks.

Reproduction: live in pairs, female incubates eggs, babies walk after a week and can fly around 3 weeks of age.

Predators: Owls, Hawks and Cats.

Life Expectancy: 10-15 Years

Extra Facts: Can imitate other wild bird sounds including hawks, steal eggs and baby birds from nests, eat dog food, and migrate in groups of up to 250 birds.

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: All of the state.

Video of Blue Jays


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