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Wisconsin Brown Bats

The Little Brown Bat is an amazing creature in our society. They are not recommended to keep as pets, but can be nursed back to health if sick in secure cages. It is told that if you find an injured bat; call the nearest vet or bat rehabilitation advisor. They will come and get the bat and put it in a safe environment until healthy again. Little Brown Bats are one of the most popular bats in the state of Wisconsin. You can find them in almost any attic in your neighborhood. You will sometimes see a great number of them gliding around your house in the early evening.

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Brown Bats

If you would like to attract little Brown Bats to your Wisconsin yard, there is a very simple method to follow. All you need to do is get some lumber and nails and build an easy to access bat house for the bats. There are many websites and phone numbers that you can call that will give you different ideas for your bat house. This can be a fun activity for the family, but keep your distance and don't bother the bats.

Myotis Lucifugus

Name: Little Brown Bat

Scientific Name: Myotis lucifugus

Measurements: length from head to tail: 3.1-3.7in, weight: .2 to .4 in, ears: 5 to six in.

Habitat: trees, bat houses, attics/buildings, under bridges, caves, underneath siding and shingles.

Diet: aquatic insects, flies, wasps, moths, and beetles.

Behavior: mainly active during day when people are inside, sleep at night, during summer typically forage forest edges.

Reproduction: courtship and mating-early fall, during spring: females form small groups and roost where they bear and nurse young, offspring typically born early June-early July, can fly after 21 days.

Predators: raccoons, hawks, owls, and snakes.

Life Expectancy: 1-30 years old

Extra Facts: won't usually bother you unless you bother them, the young can eat up to 1.8 grams of insects a night, and lactating females can eat up to 3.7 grams of insects an hour due to increased energy demand.

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: found throughout the state.

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Little Brown Bats

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Wisconsin Brown Bat

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