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Butterfly Rearing Stage 4 - Chrysalis by Tanya Rothe


The fourth stage of the butterfly life cycle is when the chrysalis is formed.  This could be one of the most interesting of the stages because of the dramatic transformation process.  It is really interesting to be able to watch the change of a butterfly caterpillar / larva to cocoon then into a chrysalis during metamorphosis. A cocoon is a soft silk covering the pupa and the chrysalis is a harder shell covering the pupaof a butterfly.  This is the process where the larva slowly turns into a beautiful butterfly.  Sometimes in the beginning of this stage the chrysalis is a little translucent so that you are able to see the change going on



Butterfly Rearing Photos & Pictures - Larva to Cocoon




There is no need to do anything during this stage except for enjoying it. Most of the time the caterpillarwill climb up onto a stick or branch, hang upside down then will start the cocoonprocess. During this time it's not recommended to handle cocoon / chrysalis because the caterpillar is resting the entire time while it turns into the beautiful flying butterfly and it doesn't want to be disturbed.


 Butterfly Rearing | Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4Stage 5

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