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Cottonville Wisconsin

Cottonville, WI is located on Big Roche-A-Cri Lake off of State Highway 13 in Preston Township.  This area is a mix of full time lakehouses and vacation getaway homes on and off water.  There’s a couple commercial properties on the state highway, a boat storage which had to be rebuilt after being damage from the April 10th 2011 F1 tornado plus and old gas station convenient store that is no longer operation.

Cottonville Fire May 5th 2005 - https://thelandman.net/Wild_Fire.htm
April 10th 2011 - https://adams-wi.com/april-10-2011-tornado.html

ABOUT: Preston Township is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin just north of Adams/Friendship.  Preston has the only State Park in the County; Roche-A-Cri State Park. The park features Roche-A-Cri Mound which has 303 steps all the way to the top with a lookout platform facing the north with views also to both east and west where you can see the hills of Coloma and all the way to the Wisconsin River Valley. Carter Creek flows through the state park and eventually feeds into Castle Rock Lake, WI. You can see dozens of Turkey Vultures circling the mound on any given day. Directly to the South is Friendship Mound which overlooks both Friendship Lake and Friendship Park.

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