Wisconsin County Tax Land Records


This page has a list of links to the official Government website pages organized by WI County for the public tax records which most of them are free but some do have paid subscriptions for different levels of service.   Once on the government cty tax portal you can typically find current owner names, former owners, mailing address, past history on the property, tax assessments, yearly taxes, tax break down, legal descriptions, school districts, parcel numbers, fair market value, property size, links to the GIS map for the parcel, permits, documents not just for real estate but personal property as well.

If your wanting GIS MAPS Click HERE

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Tax Parcels by Counties

Please note that most of the website you need to agree to terms of service and all links open in a new window. 

Adams County http://landrecords.co.adams.wi.us/gcswebportal/Search.aspx 
Ashland County - http://ashlandcowi.wgxtreme.com
Barron Countyhttp://www.co.barron.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/Search.aspx
Bayfield Countyhttp://novus.bayfieldcounty.org:8081/access/master.asp
Brown County - http://www.public.applications.co.brown.wi.us/treas/landrecordssearch/entryform.asp
Buffalo Countyhttp://gcs.co.buffalo.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/Search.aspx
Burnett County - http://web.burnettcounty.org/access/master.asp
Calumet County - http://calum400.co.calumet.wi.us/nsccalo/nsclndrec
Chippewa Countyhttps://cc-tax.co.chippewa.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/Search.aspx - UPDATED!
Clark Countyhttp://clarkcowi.wgxtreme.com
Columbia County - http://ascent.co.columbia.wi.us/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search - UPDATED!
Crawford County - http://crawfordcowi.wgxtreme.com/

Wisconsin County Recorder Info.

Wisconsin Real Estate for Sale

Dane Countyhttps://accessdane.countyofdane.com
Dodge County - http://list.co.dodge.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/Search.aspx
Door County - http://pubinfo.co.door.wi.us/LandRecords
Douglas Countyhttp://www.gcssoftware.com/douglas/search.aspx
Dunn County - http://dunncowi.wgxtreme.com/
Eau Claire County - http://eauclairecowi.wgxtreme.com
Florence County - http://gcs.florencewisconsin.com/search.aspx
Fond du Lac County - http://landinfo.fdlco.wi.gov/Ascent/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search
Forest County - http://www.gcssoftware.com/forest/search.aspx
Grant Countyhttp://www.grantcountylandrecords.com/GCSWebPortal/search.aspx
Green Countyhttp://ascent.greencountywi.org/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search - UPDATED!
Green Lake County - http://gis.co.green-lake.wi.us/gisweb/GIS_Viewer
Iowa Countyhttp://ascent.iowacounty.org/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search 
Iron Countyhttp://
Jackson County - http://jacksoncowi.wgxtreme.com
Jefferson County - http://jeffersoncountyapps.jeffersoncountywi.gov/jclrs/LIO/LIO_Search.php
Juneau Countyhttp://gcs.co.juneau.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/search.aspx
Kenosha County - http://www.co.kenosha.wi.us/index.aspx?NID=864
Kewaunee County - http://gcsportal.kewauneeco.org/GCSWebPortal/search.aspx
La Crosse County - http://lacrossecounty.org/LandRecordsPortal/search.aspx?type=Parcel
Lafayette County - http://lafay.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=2b7233d6dbf2418c9ced28f6b7e836d1
Langlade County - http://langladecowi.wgxtreme.com
Lincoln Countyhttp://maps.co.lincoln.wi.us/publicaccess/ 
Manitowoc Countyhttp://www.co.manitowoc.wi.us/real-estate-search/ 
Marathon Countyhttp://online.co.marathon.wi.us/agree.asp
Marinette County - http://webgis.marinettecounty.com
Marquette County - http://marquettecowi.wgxtreme.com - UPDATED!
Menominee County – Tax Portal UNKOWN

Wisconsin Land for Sale

Milwaukee County - http://gcswebportal.milwaukeecounty.org/GCSWebPortal/Search.aspx
Monroe County - http://monroerodweb.co.monroe.wi.us/gcswebportal/search.aspx
Oconto County - http://ocgen.co.oconto.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/Login.aspx
Oneida Countyhttp://octax.co.oneida.wi.us/ONCTax/Taxrtr
Outagamie Countyhttp://outagamiecowi.wgxtreme.com
Ozaukee County - http://www.ascent.co.ozaukee.wi.us/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search - UPDATED!
Pepin County - http://pepincowi.wgxtreme.com
Pierce County - http://www.co.pierce.wi.us/link/reports/search.php
Polk Countyhttp://polkcowi.wgxtreme.com/property
Portage County - http://pctax.co.portage.wi.us/PCTax/Taxrtr
Price Countyhttp://records.co.price.wi.us/Access/master.asp
Racine Countyhttp://ascent.racinecounty.com/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel  City Portal - http://cityofracine.org/Departments/Assessor/Property-Assessments/Main/
Richland County - https://host.gcssoftware.com/richland/search.aspx
Rock County - http://www.co.rock.wi.us:8080/servlet/AttributeServletRock
Rusk County - http://ruskcowi.wgxtreme.com
Saint Croix County - http://stcroixcowi.wgxtreme.com
Sauk County - http://lrs.co.sauk.wi.us/AscentLandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search
Sawyer Countyhttp://tas.sawyercountygov.org/Access/master.asp 
Shawano Countyhttp://ascent.co.shawano.wi.us/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel 
Sheboygan County - http://www.co.sheboygan.wi.us/taxonline/RealEstateLookuppublic.aspx
Taylor County - http://taylorcowi.wgxtreme.com
Trempealeau County - http://www.tremplocounty.com/search/search.asp
Vernon County - http://www.vernoncounty.org/GCSWebPortal/search.aspx
Vilas County - http://webtax.co.vilas.wi.us/searchselect.cfm
Walworth County - http://www.co.walworth.wi.us/Government%20Center/Treasurer/TaxBillInfo.aspx
Washburn Countyhttp://tax.co.washburn.wi.us/access/master.asp
Washington Countyhttp://washingtoncowi.wgxtreme.com
Waukesha County - http://tax.waukeshacounty.gov/
Waupaca County - http://www.co.waupaca.wi.us/departments/government_departments/county_treasurer/tax_information_search.php
Waushara County - http://gis.co.waushara.wi.us/GCSWebPortal/Search.aspx
Winnebago County - http://www.co.winnebago.wi.us/treasurer/property-information/property-search
Wood Countyhttp://gis.co.wood.wi.us/Land-Records-Viewer/index.html

 WI County Tax Websites

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