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Education/Politics Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a wonderful state to educate your child or to further your education.  We have 2,000 elementary schools, 417 middle schools, and 578 high schools to choose from.  Each of these schools has different tolerance rules, ways of teaching, and structures that you can decide from to suit your needs for your child’s education.  If you decide that public schools aren’t what you are looking for and would like to send your children to a private school; there are 965 to choose from.  WI tries its best to give you every way possible to educate your children in a good environment.

For you students who are looking to further your education beyond high school, this is the state for you.  Not only does WI have 13 UW colleges and other big universities but we also have a good number of technical colleges that give you a reasonable price for tuition.  There are UW universities in the following towns/cites: Eau Claire, Green Bay, La Crosse, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Parkside, Platteville, River Falls, Stevens Point, Stout, Superior, and Whitewater.  These are all very nice learning friendly universities. 

The state of Wisconsin has a very stable and strong government.  Our politicians work hard and do what they can to keep making Wisconsin a better place for everyone to be.  A strong leader in our state is our governor, Governor Jim Doyle.  He has been our governor since January 6, 2003.  Governor Doyle puts the children of Wisconsin first in his list of priorities.  He has donated money, started programs, and has done what he can to better the health and stability of the children of our state.  The senators are divided between the districts. 

WI is definitely a state of reform and structure.  We have a great selection of universities and colleges for your educational needs and a government dedicated to making your lives happy and fulfilling and keeping law and structure at the same time.


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