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Fishing Hooks used in Wisconsin


Fishing Hooks used in Wisconsin comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Some of the most common used hooks are single hooks like Bait Hooks, Aberdeen Hooks, Circle Hooks, Worm and Jig Hooks.  But there are some other types of hooks besides Single Hooks, there are Double and Treble Hooks and the all popular Snelled Hooks.


Photos of Fishing Hooks




Understanding Hooks - Standard Hook Parts / Sections

Hooks are typically made out of metal but could be made with other materials. Here are the main parts of a standard hook; Eye, Shank, Bend, Barb, Point and Bait Barbed Shank.


Parts of a Fishing Hook


  • Eye – is where the Line is tided.
  • Shank – is the main part of the hook where the bait is fastened.
  • Shank with a barb – is the main part of the hook where the bait is fastened and the barbs which face upwards to holds it in position longer.
  • Bend – the hooking / holding element of the hook.
  • Twist in Bend – some hooks have a slight twist in the bend of the hook to hook the fish better.
  • Barb – is where the fish hooked so it’s harder to get off the hook (Demonstrated with a piece of cardboard in a video)
  • Barbless – is where there is no barb which is safer for the fish in a catch & release situation BUT it’s more difficult to keep a fish on the line while in the fight to reel it in.
  • Point – Is the tip of the hook that breaches the skin in the fish’s mouth to hook it.
  • Gap – The distances between the point and the shank
  • Hook Length – The distance between the tip of the eye and the farthest spacing from the bend.


Twist in the Bend of a Hook


Hook Sizes - http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/Content/downloads/sizing_chart.pdf



Types of Fishing Hooks

  • Aberdeen Hooks
  • Aberdeen Jig Hooks
  • Bend Jig Hooks
  • Central Draught Hooks
  • Circle Hooks
  • Drop-Shot Hooks
  • Double Hooks
  • Fly Tying Hooks
  • Ice Jig Hooks
  • Keeper Hooks
  • Live Bait Hooks
  • O’Shaughnessy Spinnerbait Hooks
  • Octopus Hooks
  • Roundbend Treble Hooks
  • Salmon Egg Hooks
  • Single Hook
  • Siwash Hooks
  • Snelled Hooks
  • Topwater Jerkbait Hooks
  • Trailer Hooks
  • Treble Hook
  • Turned Down Eye Sproat Hooks
  • Weedless Hooks
  • Worm Hooks

What is a treble Hook? – A treble hook is really 3 hooks in a triangle pattern to make one use most on artificial lures.


Always Check Local Fishing Regulations | Practice Catch & Release | Don’t Litter! 


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