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Wisconsin Flying Squirrels

Because of the flying squirrel being so nocturnal, you will rarely get the chance to actually see one. If you do, enjoy it because it is a sight to see that wonderful creature gliding through the air. Being in Wisconsin, we have the luck of having both the northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel. There are only small difference between the two; however, they are each unique. The main difference is that the northern squirrel is a little bigger than the southern squirrel.

Flying Squirrels

During the day, the flying squirrel usually spends its time staying on its nest protecting its young. If you get the chance to see a flying squirrel on the ground, you will notice that they hop around for movement. Despite some people's beliefs, the flying squirrel doesn't really fly. If you watch carefully, you will notice they make a big jump and let their body glide through the air with their hind legs spread out. The flying squirrel is a very interesting and delightful animal. If you can't seem to find him around your woods, try to catch the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. That is the one time the flying squirrel decided to take up acting!

Glaucomys Volans

Name: Southern Flying Squirrels, and Northern Flying Squirrels

 Scientific Name: Southern Flying Squirrel = Glaucomys Volans | Northern Flying Squirrel = Glaucomys Sabrinus

Measurements: weight: 1.8-2.5oz, length: 8-10in

Habitat: deciduous/coniferous forests w/ a lot of nut trees

Diet: acorns, nuts, seeds, berries, flowers, mushrooms, birds, bird eggs

Behavior: active year round, very sociable, feed and live w/ other flying squirrels, store food for winter in trees or underground, nocturnal

Reproduction: mate in late winter and in summer, 40 day gestation, 3-4 babies, young are born blind.

Predators: owls, hawks, martens, weasels, and cats

Life Expectancy: most don't live longer than four years because of predators.

Extra Facts: glide using folds of skin between hind legs, can glide 150ft or more from height of 60ft, usually land face up and run up trees after landing.

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: northern flying squirrel found in northern portion of Wisconsin, and southern flying squirrel found in the southern portion of Wisconsin.

Glaucomys Sabrinus

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 Wisconsin Southern Flying Squirrels

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Wisconsin Northern Flying Squirrels

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