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Green Bay, Wisconsin By: Tanya Rothe


Green Bay, Wisconsin is located in Brown County and is a large city that is home to the well known Green Bay Packers.  Did you know that Green Bay is considered the oldest city in the state of Wisconsin?  Green Bay is filled with history dating back to the 1600s when the first European settlers traveled to the land.  If you are looking to move to Green Bay and need a job, the paper and shipping companies seem to be the companies with the most employees and job opportunities.  Green Bay founded the Green Bay Packers back in the year 1919 and they are the only team that is owned by its fans.

Green Bay is only about an hour drive from Lake Michigan if you are looking for a great place to fish.  Green Bay, Wisconsin is a place that is greatly inhabited by tourists year round that come for fun and scenic greatness.  Some of the more popular attractions that bring in vacationers are the National Railroad Museum, Lambeau Field, and the Green Bay Botanical Garden.  You can also find various trading posts full of Native American history as you travel through this great city.


Facts about Green Bay, Wisconsin

  • Population: 104,230
  • National Football Team: Green Bay Packers
  • Holds 3rd Largest Airport in Wisconsin
  • 3rd largest city in Wisconsin
  • Was under British Control until after Revolutionary War
  • Has Wisconsin’s first published newspaper, “The Green Bay Intelligencer.”



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