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Green Lake County, WI.


Green Lake County, Wisconsin is located directly west of Fond Du Lac with "Green Lake" and "Puckaway Lake" featured in the center of the County. Green Lake County has plenty of recreational activities like hunting, fishing, swimming and boating. The bigger communities are Princeton, Kingston, Berlin and Green Lake to name a few. Green Lake County, WI is surrounded by 6 other counties Waushara to the North, Winnebago & Fond Du Lac Counties to the East, both Columbia & Dodge to the South and Marquette to the West. On this page you will find links & information on News, Schools, Events, Lakes, Parks, Taxes, Maps, Area Info and much more.

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Information on Green Lake County, Wisconsin


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Green Lake County State Website - http://www.co.green-lake.wi.us

Chamber Website - http://visitgreenlake.com

Chambers Websites - http://commerce.wi.gov/BD/BD-EC-greenlake.html

Online Guide - http://www.princetonwi.com

General Info - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Lake_County,_Wisconsin

City of Green Lake - http://www.cityofgreenlake.com

Weather - http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?zoneid=WIZ047



Maps for Green Lake County, Wisconsin


Maps - http://maps.convergencebusinessnetwork.com/mapvp/landingpage.php?pc=WIGREMO08&com=Green%20Lake,%20WI

DOT Department of Transportation County Map - http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/travel/maps/docs/counties/greenlake.pdf

Google Map - http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Green%20Lake+county+wi+maps



Local Events

Festivals & Events - http://www.glcountry.com/cogl/calendar.asp

Green Lake County WI Events - http://visitgreenlake.com/events.html

Tourism - http://www.glcountry.com/cogl

Fishing -

Hunting - http://www.storybookbucks.com/bigbuck/index.html



Newspapers, TV, Radio & News

Green Lake County Local History Web New Website - http://www.wlhn.org/green_lake/newspapers.htm

Topix News Feed - http://www.topix.com/county/green-lake-wi

Radio Frequencies - http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?ctid=3075

Green Lake County TV, Radio and News links - http://www.moreenergy.com/wisconsin.html

Wisconsin Public Radio including Green Lake County - http://wpr.org/regions



Government County Websites


Official Website - http://www.co.green-lake.wi.us

Land Records, Tax information, Register of Deeds -  http://gis.co.green-lake.wi.us/website/GIS_Viewer_Limit

Green Lake County Land Records - http://gis.co.green-lake.wi.us/website/GIS_Viewer_Limit/asp/ParcelSearch2.asp


GIS Systems for Green Lake County, WI Parcel GIS Map - http://gis.co.green-lake.wi.us/website/GIS_Viewer_limit/viewer.htm


ATV Routes, Trails & Maps - https://atv-wi.com/ATV-Maps.html


Snowmobile Trails, Routes & Maps - http://www.greenlakecountysnowmobiletrails.com


Census Data - http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/55/55047.html



Parks - http://www.huntfishcampwisconsin.com/GreenLakeM.html


Green Lake County Parks & Locations - http://www.google.com/search?q=Green%20Lake+county+wi+Parks

State Parks, County Parks Natural Areas & Wildlife areas in Green County, WI - http://www.infosports.com/p.cgi?t=all&c=Green%20Lake&s=WI


Wisconsin Land for Sale


Green Lake County Parks

  • Spring County Park
  • Twin Lake County Park



Campgrounds - http://local.search.yahoo.com/search?p=campgrounds&csz=Green Lake+county%2C+Wisconsin

Motels, Hotels, Resorts & Lodging - http://local.search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A2KJ3CZLeLRO3X8AJivumYlQ?p=motels&addr=green+lake+county%2C+Wisconsin



Photos & Pictures Area Images - http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=green+lake+county+wi



Green Lake, WI. County Schools

Schools both Public and Private - http://Green%20Lakecountylibrary.org/Green%20Lake-county-schools

Green Lake School District - http://www.glsd.k12.wi.us

Berlin School District - http://www.berlin.k12.wi.us

Green Lake County University of Wisconsin Extension - http://greenlake.uwex.edu

Area School Map - http://www.google.com/search?q=Green%20Lake+County+wi+schools



Green Lake County, WI. Townships

  • Berlin Township
  • Brooklyn Township
  • Green Lake Township
  • Kingston Township
  • Mackford Township
  • Manchester Township
  • Marquette Township
  • Princeton Township
  • Seneca Township
  • St. Marie Township


Green Lake County, Wisconsin – Cities, Towns, Villages, Municipalities & Communities

  • Berlin
  • Brooklyn
  • Dalton
  • Green Lake
  • Kingston
  • Mackford
  • Manchester
  • Markesan
  • Marquette
  • Princeton
  • Seneca
  • Spring Grove
  • St. Marie
  • Utley


Wisconsin Lakefront Properties for Sale


Green Lake County Lakes

  • Belle Fountain Spring
  • Dog Lake
  • Grand Lake
  • Grand River Marsh
  • Green Lake
  • Heart Lake
  • Lake Maria
  • Little Green Lake
  • Little Twin Lake
  • Manchester Millpond
  • Puchyan Millpond
  • Puckaway Lake
  • Spring Lake
  • Spring Lake
  • Twin Lakes



Creeks & Streams in Green Lake County, Wisconsin

  • Harrington Creek
  • Hill Creek
  • Mill Race
  • North Branch Belle Fountain Creek
  • Roy Creek
  • Snake Creek
  • Spring Creek
  • Spring Creek
  • Sucker Creek
  • Town Drain
  • White Creek



Green Lake County, Wisconsin Trout Streams - http://dnr.wi.gov/fish/species/trout/trout_maps/Green_Lake_color_portrait.pdf


Rivers in Green Lake County, WI.

  • Mecan River
  • Puchyan River
  • White River


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