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Hancock, WI. 54943 is located in Township of Hancock in Waushara County.  It's on County Road V right on I-39/51 and the other main arteries for the area are County Road FF & GG.  It's just west of the interstate between Plainfield and Coloma.  Hancock is considered a village and is home to many full time residents who work in the area.  It is also a popular semi recreational area with a couple lakes, streams and Greenwood State Wildlife Refuge with the Ice Age Trail system running through it.  The village features limited shopping, School, Post Office, Banks, LIGHT Shopping, Church, Bar, Cafe, Gas Station, Restaurant, Bait Shop,  fields, community plus some lakes within minutes and more…  You will find a good amount of Wildlife and many fishing lakes and Public Land due to the Greenwood Wildlife Area within minutes.  Because of the interstate the town has lots of tourists pass through going north from the larger cities.   This area has an attractive travel time from the larger cities; Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford and Beloit to name a few.  Hancock WI 54943 – Post Office is based in Waushara County but also services a good portion of Northern Adams County in Leola, Colburn and Big Flats Townships

Quick Facts

  • Waushara County, Hancock Township
  • General Size of Village – Around 400+ people
  • Area Lakes – Pine Lake, Fish Lake, Deer Lake, Round Lake, Crooked Lake, Bohn Lake, Sand Lake, Goose Lake and more…
  • Area Features: School, Post Office, Banks, LITE Shopping, Church, Bar, Cafe, Gas Station, Restaurant, Bait Shop,  fields, community plus some lakes within minutes and more…
  • Area Terrain – On the west side of the interstate are large farm fields with little trees mostly flat and on the eastside has some farm fields but mostly wooded with some rolling terrain.  From the village to the east are a series of small fishing lakes with Greenwood Wildlife Area over 2 square miles of land open to the public.
  • Area Code - 715   
  • Mailing Zip Code - 54943
  • Access
    • State Highway 82
    • County Road – V, FF & GG
    • Interstate – On I-39 / 51
  • School District – Tri-County School System
  • Classified as a Village.
  • History – Founded in ? by ?

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Village of Hancock, WI 54943

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