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The Ice Age National Scenic Trail By: Tanya Rothe


Wisconsin is home to many amazing and interesting natural treasures that invite people from all around to enjoy the sights and recreational activities that are available.  One of those is the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.  Thousands of years ago, many ice formations were created making many landscape beauties across the entire world.  The Ice Age National Trail is one thousand miles long and is completely contained in the state of Wisconsin.  As you walk along the trail, you obtain the access to many of the state’s natural areas.  

This is one of the most amazing and beautiful hiking trails in the country.  It takes you through so many scenic places and gives you the chance to really take in the lovely qualities of Wisconsin.  The Ice Age Trail winds through hilly terrain, thick forests, prairies, lakes and rivers.  It never gets dull; constantly bringing up something new and interesting to your attention.  As you explore the hiking trail, you not only enjoy the scenery, but also get told a story dating back billions of years of how the beauty of Wisconsin came to be.

Glacially deposited soil has been recently found in most of the Wisconsin counties that border the trail that were created up to 25,000 years ago.  The Wisconsin Glaciation period was a time where historical glaciers and landmarks were made that will hold many tales for years to come.  The National Ice Age Trail beholds historical natural areas that were covered in ice thousands of years ago in Green, Dane, and Marathon counties.  Along the trail, you can also view the many sandstone rock outcroppings in the following counties: Green, Rock, Dane, Columbia, Sauk, and Adams.


Interesting Facts about the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

  • Is one of Wisconsin’s 42 state trails.
  • Only trail in the state considered a “State Scenic Trail.”
  • 1,000 miles long
  • Starts at Minnesota state border and ends at Lake Michigan.
  • Helps tell story of the last Ice Age.
  • Is considered an off-road hiking and backpacking trail.


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