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Lake Superior by: Tanya Rothe


Lake Superior is known as the largest freshwater lake in the entire world. People come from all around to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities. Lake Superior is filled with more than 60 breeds of fish including: bloater, trout, burbot, carp, salmon, drum, herring, and many more. One interesting fact about Lake Superior is that it holds about 10 percent of the Earth's fresh water. Did you know that there are over 300 rivers and streams that flow into Lake Superior? One benefit that comes with the lake's many attractions is that it is so clear that you can see down as far as 27 feet.


Photos and Pictures of Lake Superior



The lake is about 1.1 billion years old. This dates back to when the glaciers were present in the area. Back in the 1600's, some European settlers claimed that they seen 9 feet long sturgeons and 7 feet long northern pike. Could you imagine catching a fish this big from one of the Great Lakes like Lake Michigan or Lake Superior?


Interesting Lake Superior Facts

  • Surface Area: 31,700 sq. miles
  • Holds enough water to completely flood North and South America.
  • 350 miles long
  • Greatest lake-effect snows on the planet
  • Average water temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Coldest and deepest of the Great Lakes
  • Was once filled with lava.


Wisconsin Counties Bordering Lake Superior



Wisconsin Rivers and Streams that Flow into Lake Superior


  • Amnicon River
  • Bad River
  • Bark River
  • Black River
  • Black River
  • Bois Brule River
  • Brunsweiler River
  • Cranberry River
  • Fish Creek
  • Flag River
  • Iron River
  • Iron River
  • Kakagon River
  • Little Boise Brule River
  • Little Pokegama River
  • Little Sioux River
  • Marengo River
  • Middle River
  • Montreal River
  • Nemadji River
  • Onion River
  • Pokegama River
  • Poplar River
  • Potato River
  • Presque Isle River
  • Raspberry River
  • Red River
  • Sand River
  • Sioux River
  • Siskiwit River
  • St. Louis River
  • Thompsons Creek
  • Tyler Forks River
  • White River




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