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Madison, Wisconsin By: Tanya Rothe

The City of Madison is located in Dane County which is The Capitol of Wisconsin; the Cheese State.  The capitol building is the tallest building in the city of Madison, making it its main landmark.  If you want a moment of a lifetime, take a tour of the capitol building.  Make sure you take a lap around the rooftop for one of the best scenic views in the city.  President James Madison is the man behind the name of the city of Madison, Wisconsin.  He also came up with the idea to name some of the surrounding streets after all of the signatures of the constitution.  
Madison borders about 5 of Wisconsin’s lakes including: Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, Lake Waubesa, Lake Kegonsa, and Lake Wingra.  One main attraction of the city is the hundreds of miles of bike trails throughout Madison that gives bicyclists from all around a way to enjoy the sites of the city.  Back in the year 1996, Madison, Wisconsin was considered the #1 place in America to live.  The city of Madison was founded in the year 1836.

Interesting Facts about Madison, Wisconsin!

  • 2010 Population: 233,209
  • Located in Dane County, WI.
  • Estimated Household Income: $49,595
  • Estimated Home Value: $220,200
  • Known as “The City of Four Lakes” (There are 5 lakes; 4 are already considered in the name,  they are still debating on the 5th lake being grouped with them or not.)
  • Served as Center for Union Army during Civil War



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