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Milwaukee, Wisconsin By: Tanya Rothe

Welcome to Milwaukee, WI. located in Milwaukee County along Lake Michigan; the biggest city in the great Dairy State of Wisconsin.  It is also home to Harley Davidson Motorcycles headquarters!  Did you know that Milwaukee, Wisconsin is considered the 28th most populated city in the entire country?  Part of that is due to its many attractions and amenities that surround you while in the city.  French missionaries and fur traders were among some of the first settlers of Milwaukee back in the 1800s.  Some of the main attractions in the city are the Milwaukee Art Museum, the River Walk and Miller Park.
One really interesting fact about Milwaukee, Wisconsin is that there have been at least 5 navy ships name after the city!  The city was originally discovered by various Native American tribes that settled it and called this great land home.  Milwaukee is centrally located around the Menomonee, Kinnickinnic, and Milwaukee rivers which provide you with many great fishing spots!  It is another city that was originally formed by glaciers in the Ice Age.  Milwaukee tends to have constantly changing weather patterns which cause temperature changes mainly in the warmer climates. 

Fun Facts about Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Population: 604,133
  • Located: In Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
  • Frontage on Lake Michigan
  • Estimated Household Income: $34,868
  • Estimated Home Value: $139,100
  • Area: 96.1 Square Miles
  • Largest City in Wisconsin
  • Home to the Milwaukee Brewers



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