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3742 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee 53208, Wisconsin, United States

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One Stop Self Storage is committed to you - our client. Our brand is built upon the premise of providing the best in storage solutions for everyone.

At One Stop Self Storage, our clients should not worry about the most essential things. You don't need to carry any additional documentation with you when you want to rent storage units from us. A valid driver's license or any other photo ID issued by the government authorities is enough proof of identification. Furthermore, you can commit for a month at maximum. We offer our clients a chance to lease the storage units for a month, and if they find our services satisfactory, they can opt to renew their contract. After you find the most suitable storage unit for your needs, you can decide if you want to upgrade your membership or even explore the additional storage options available. You can pay for your self-storage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin units online, by check, or you can even opt for auto payment.
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3742 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee 53208, Wisconsin, United States
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