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Wisconsin Pine Marten

If you want to see an animal that is not only a great climber, but also an excellent fisher, this is the animal to look for. Pine martens are very prominent in Wisconsin and have many advantages to their existence. One major advantage is their ability to adapt to Wisconsin's cold winters. They get a very thick fur on their feet that helps keep them warm when walking through the cold snow. Since they tend to stay in the dense wooded forests, they have an abundance of food and protection from most predators.

Pine Martens in WI

Wisconsin pine martens have a high metabolism so; they don't usually have to worry about low energy or being overweight. Even though you will notice that the pine marten has a good amount of advantages, they do also have some disadvantages. The biggest downfall for the pine marten is that they are continuously losing their homes due to logging and trapping. This makes it hard for them to survive during certain times. There are many hunters out there that enjoy trapping pine martens for their beautiful fur. Another reason that gets humans trapping pine martens is because this animal likes to make a meal out of your berry bushes or nut trees you may have planted. Just like any other animal the pine marten can be a pest or a wonderful species.

Wisconsin Pine Martens

Name: Pine Marten

Scientific Name: Martens Americana

Measurements: female length: 15-22in, male length: 20-25in, height: 6in, female weight: 1.5-1.8lbs, male weight: 1.6-2.8lbs

Habitat: dense conifer forests, woods w/ northern white cedar, balsam fir, and spruce

Diet: small rodents, insects, bird eggs, reptiles, fruits, nuts, carrion

Behavior: most active at night, pursue prey up trees, solitary, but curious, males don't like other males in their territories.

Reproduction: mate between July and August, kits are born in late March or April, usually 2-4 kits, full grown at 3 months old.

Predators: humans, golden eagles, rarely red foxes.

Life Expectancy: up to 18 years old in captivity, 3-4 years old in wild.

Extra Facts: tail is length of body

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: northern tip of Wisconsin

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Martens Americana

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Wisconsin Pine Martens

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