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Wisconsin Raccoons

Raccoons are known for their masked identity. You will see a distinguished black mask around their eyes. They tend to travel alone, but if you look hard enough you might get the chance to see them with some babies. Raccoons will find most of their food in different types of water environments. Some people will see raccoons as interesting creatures; however, keep your distance from them because like any other animal, they will defend themselves.

Racoon Photos in WI

Baby Raccoons

Did you know that the raccoon is closely related to the dog and bear families? Like the bear and dog, the raccoon has a great sense of hearing, sight, and touch; however, their taste and smell senses aren't as developed. There are a lot of people who like to hunt the raccoon because of the high value in their fur. This is one of many problems that the raccoon runs into during its existence. Some also don't like raccoons because they tend to be a garbage and food forager which makes messes. This mysterious masked creature is a wonderful and entertaining sight to see.

Raccoons in WI

Name: Raccoons

Scientific Name: Procyon lotor

Measurements: weight: 15-18lbs, length: 2-3 ft including tail

Habitat: wooded areas near streams, ponds, and marshes, able to live close to humans.

Diet: fruits, nuts, grains, invertebrates, rodents, birds, small mammals, etc.

Behavior: primarily nocturnal, but will sometimes come out during daytime, spend good amount of time in dens when it's cold, not very social.

Reproduction: breed late winter or early spring, males don't remain with females after breeding, young born in April or May, and gestation for 63 days.

Predators: humans, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, wolves, large hawks, and owls.

Life Expectancy: up to 12 years old in wild.

Extra Facts: highly adaptable, gets name from Algonquian word meaning, "he scratches with his hands." Cubs are born blind. Can lose up to 50% of their body fat during winter.

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: all throughout Wisconsin.

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Procyon Lotor

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Wisconsin Raccoons

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