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Rock Bass 

If you like a big fight when catching a fish, then the rock bass is the fish for you.  Wisconsin Rock Bass put on a fight when they get hooked.  A lot of people like catching rock bass for this reason.  This fish has a long list of predators so, catching one will be a lucky catch.  Rock Bass are a popular fish in the Great Lakes area.  They seem to like live or artificial baits so pretty much anything should work.  Wisconsin Rock bass tend to live in groups of fish so there is plenty to go around if you luck out and fish in one of these schools.  Rock bass are an interesting species of fish so enjoy their presence. 

Name: Rock Bass
Scientific Name: Ambloplites rupestris
Family: Centrarchidae
General Description: mainly brown colored, vertical fins, heavy, red eyes, average length: 10in, average weight: 1lb
Habitat: large streams and lakes
Spawning/Sexual Maturity: in shallow water, late spring, 60 degree water temp., usually around 10,000 eggs,
Diet: insects, crayfish, smaller fish, sometimes stuff off of water surface.
Life Expectancy: up to 10-12 years of age
Predators: small rock bass, northern pike, bigger bass, muskie, and walleye, adult rock bass-humans, bigger fish,
Known Hotspots: Mississippi River, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior
Popular Baits: live baits, some artificials
Fishing Tournaments:
State Record: 2lbs 15oz, Shadow Lake, June 2, 1990
World Record: 3lbs, York River, Ontario, August 1, 1974
Extra Facts: big fighters when being caught, live in groups, male guards the nest, make nests in sand and gravel

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