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Sightseeing In Wisconsin


Welcome to Wisconsin; the home of many memorable landmarks and places to make your sightseeing time unforgettable. No matter where you go in Wisconsin, you are always going to be around something or some place that will just capture your attention and keep you coming back for more. Wisconsin is a great place to be to go sightseeing if that is what you like to do.

If you are in the Wisconsin Dells area, you can jump on a Wisconsin Duck boat and travel down the Wisconsin River. The Wisconsin River is surrounded by beauty and wonder. There are beautiful rock formations that have your mind puzzling on all the different shapes they can make. The tour guide on your boat tells you all about what you are seeing and helps make it a fun and adventurous ride.



If you don't want to spend any money for your sightseeing adventures, you can travel to many of the way sides around Adams County. A lot of them have extravagant rock formations that you can not only look at and admire, but you can also climb on some of them with your family. There is a wonderful rock formation on State Highway 21 going towards Coloma called "Shiprock." People stop during their travels to see this rock and some come up with their own ideas on what this formation really looks like to them. This can be a fun and learning experience for your sightseeing time.

There are many other places in Wisconsin to make your sightseeing discoveries ranging from waysides to destinations in our history. Wisconsin has many beautiful places to visit. We also have a large number of animals all around us that please the wandering eye. Welcome again to Wisconsin, and enjoy your sightseeing!


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