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Kids Fishing in Wisconsin

To Teacher – patience, patience, patience and more patience

Keep it simple Rod, Real, Live Bait, Hook and Bobber.  Find a nice private ponds / small dams / downstream of culverts or small panfish fishing spot. 

Remember when fishing with kids or beginners, they will get bored and uninterested fast if nothing is happening.  You’ll experience a lot of tangles, re-baiting and you’ll need patience.  Quickly have the student put on their own bait and remove the hook from their own fish.  Try and keep it fun, interesting, informative and upbeat with lots of catches even is they are small.    Carp and Catfish are bigger for more excitement than the small panfish which are easier to catch for kids, but they will need to learn patience like the teacher who is working with the kids.  Also, teach the kids about fishing regulations, practice catch and release, but also keep a few to teach them where food comes from and how to properly clean the fish plus how to cook them.

Also remember to explain to the kids bring out what you bring in which means don’t pollute the outdoors.  Even bring an extra bag and have the kids pick up trash that other leave behind on the water shores.







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