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Tiger Muskellunge aka Tiger Muskie, Tiger Musky

The Tiger Muskellunge is very similar to the Muskellunge.  Muskies sometimes spawn with Northern pikes and then you get the tiger muskie.  The tiger muskie is a silvery colored fish with very dark markings.  You will find them abundantly in the Mississippi River.  People have been lucky catching them there.  Try to use live fish bait when catching Tiger Musky; that seems to be their favorite.  Like the muskellunge, the tiger muskie is a solitary fish except when spawning so you won’t find them with many other fish.  If you catch a tiger muskie, capture the moment; it is a great one.

Name: Tiger Muskellunge aka Tiger Muskie, Tiger Musky
Scientific Name: Esox masquinongy X Esox lucius
Family: Esocidae
General Description: silver colored with dark markings, white belly with spots, average length: 24-38in, average weight: 10-20lbs
Habitat: warm lakes, bays, and rivers
Spawning/Sexual Maturity: April or May, up to 225,000 eggs, spawn for a week, shallow water, sexually mature between 3-5 years of age.
Diet: smaller fish, insects, crayfish
Life Expectancy: up to 18 years of age
Predators: humans, larger fish, sometimes large birds
Known Hotspots: Mississippi River
Popular Baits: mainly live baits, some artificial baits
Fishing Tournaments:
State Record: 51lbs 3oz, Lac Vieux Desert, July 16, 1919
World Record: 51lbs 3oz, Lac Vieux Desert, July 16, 1919
Extra Facts: is a cross between northern pike and muskellunge, very fast grower, are solitary fish except when spawning.

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