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BIG 8 Point Buck Charges Predator Video Probably Coyote by Mason Lake

Wisconsin Wildlife | Animals | Trail Camera Videos | Wildlife Videos | Underwater Videos

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Badger - Wisconsin's state animal, the badger (Taxidea Taxus); is known for his eye-catching markings. If you ever get the opportunity to see this animal, treasure it. https://wisconsin-wi.com/badger-videos.html

Bobcat Video

Coyote Photos & Video

Fox - The Wisconsin red fox is one of the most beautiful, yet peculiar animals; born blind; however, after a couple of weeks they are able to see the world around them. Unlike wolves and other dogs, they don't form packs. - https://wisconsin-wi.com/fox-trail-camera-videos.html

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Opossum ASK Possum

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Raccoons - Wisconsin Raccoons are known for their masked identity. You will see a distinguished black mask around their eyes. They tend to travel alone, but if you look hard enough you might get the chance to see them with some babies. Raccoons will find most of their food in different types of water environments. - https://wisconsin-wi.com/raccoons-adult-babies-trail-cam-hand-camera-video.html


Whitetail Bucks

White Tail Does

Wild Turkey - Wild Turkeys, the wingspan differs between the males and females. The male wingspan can get up to an average of forty-two to forty-eight inches in length. The female wingspan can get up to an average of thirty-four to thirty-nine inches in length. This wingspan helps them fly well. You will generally find Wisconsin Wild Turkeys from the central portion of the state all the way down to the southern border. They tend to stay in this general area. - https://wisconsin-wi.com/wild-turkey-trail-camera-videos.html

Wolf Pictures -

Wisconsin Animal Trail Camera Video

Wisconsin Wildlife | Animals | Trail Camera Videos | Wildlife Videos | Underwater Videos

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