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 Whitetail Deer in WI

Whitetail Deer  (Odocoileus virginianus)

Whitetail Deer are one of the most abundant animals that you will see in Wisconsin.  You will find them all over the state.  Their shape is very noticeable.  Their get to be about seventy-one inches long and thirty-one inches high up to their shoulders.  The weight between the males and females differ.  The males which are larger weigh around one hundred fifty pounds.  The females only weigh one hundred ten pounds at full-grown.  They have skinny bodies that give them many advantages.  One of those is that their long, skinny legs help them to run up to thirty mph and allow them to jump fences that are nine feet tall!

WhiteTailed Deer Bucks Does & Fawns

Whitetail Deer also known as Whitetail have a variety of habitats throughout WI.  These habitats include: wooded areas, deep grass and swamps, farmlands, and brushy areas.  These deer require the thick habitats so they have protection from all their predators and bad weather.  Whitetail Deer  also like the taste of the edges of these brushy areas.  Whitetail Deer  have a very healthy diet consisting mostly of: maple, sassafras, poplar, aspen, and birch twigs, shrubs, brush, and some fruits and plants.  Wisconsin Whitetail tend to be really shy and nervous all the time.  They try to keep to themselves.  You will know a Whitetail Deer  is feeling startled or in danger when you see them twitching their tail back and forth. 

Wisconsin Deer

WI Deer are one of the animals that do not migrate during the winter.  They carry on as if it was any other season except they find homes that are more able of keeping them warm.  These deer are considered to be sexually mature at the age of two years.  Once they reach that age, they begin mating.  Whitetail Deer  mating season occurs between the months of October and December.  The doe is pregnant for about six and a half months.  Then she has her young.  Whitetail Deer  are known to have just one fawn for their first year of mating and then after that they start having two fawns. 

Wisconsin Bucks

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When they are running away from predators, Wisconsin Whitetail Deer have the ability to run at high speeds and jump very high fences.  Their legs look like springs when they jump.  Whitetail Deer  are very strong animals.  Their bodies allow them to survive through different types and conditions of habitats.  A lot of them have been known to get killed by oncoming traffic when crossing the roads.  A very large portion of them also get killed during various hunting seasons.  Another unfortunate downfall for the deer is that they sometimes acquire lice, mites, and roundworm. 

Wisconsin Doe

Some humans consider them as pests because Whitetail Deer sometimes eat gardens and crops started by the humans.  Wisconsin Whitetail Deer have four main predators: humans, wolves, mountain lions, and dogs.  They may have other predators, but these are the main ones that they have to worry about.  If they don’t get killed, Whitetail Deer  have been known to live up to fifteen years in the wild.  Did you know that Whitetail Deer  are very good swimmers?  Also, in order to keep predators away from their fawns, does only visit their young three to four times a day.  Keep your distance, but enjoy their presence.  It is a delight!

Fawns in WI

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Wisconsin Whitetail Deer

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