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Wisconsin Birds

By: Tanya Rothe


Wisconsin is home to many varieties of many different breeds of birds.  Everywhere you travel throughout the state you hear the chirping of song birds and the flapping of wings fluttering through the wind.  At certain times of the year, in Adams County, Central Wisconsin, you can drive by the Lake Petenwell area and see Osprey nests on tops of the telephone poles.  There are different bird conservancies throughout the state that give the different species homes helping to preserve their existence and to give visitors from all around a place where they can view and learn about birds from all over the country.
Most of the Wisconsin population like to have unique set ups of all kinds in their yards to attract the different varieties of Wisconsin Birds for entertainment.  There are different ways you can do this.  But beforehand, always remember to make sure you are following your local laws and regulations if any apply.  The first step is to decide what type of birds that you want to attract to your yard.  The type of bird determines the type of feeder and feed that you will need to get.  The second step is to find your bird feeders and determine how many you would like.  Ground feeders are screened bottomed feeders that sit a few inches off the ground attracting doves, juncos, sparrows, finches and cardinals.  

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Sunflower seed tube feeders get hung off the ground keeping squirrels from eating all of the food.  They tend to attract woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, finches, and siskins.  There are many types of feeders to choose from in a variety of colors and designs.  The next step is to select your bird seed.  Buy your seed that matches the bird type that you want to attract.  You can buy mixes or buy bulk amounts of different kinds and make your own.  Some types of feed are sunflower seeds, millet, thistle, suet, peanuts and fruit.  All that’s left is to keep your feeders maintained by making sure they stay full and enjoy the sight!
Besides attracting Wisconsin birds to your yard, many residents enjoy going birding.  It is great fun to travel to the many state parks and other places in the state to find and take pictures of all the different species of birds.  Wisconsin’s top ten bird watching locations are as follows: Wisconsin-Point Superior, Crex Meadow Wildlife Area, Nicolet National Forest, Green Bay, Horicon Marsh, Wyalusing State Park, Baraboo Hills, Madison, Eastern Ozaukee County, and Milwaukee.  


Interesting Facts about Wisconsin Birds

  • There are 59 groups of bird species in Wisconsin.
  • Hummingbirds drink sugar water instead of seeds and are attracted to red.
  • The American Robin is the most abundant land bird in North America.
  • Due to a recent rodent shortage in Canada, 3 species of owls have been coming to Wisconsin to increase their chances of survival: Northern Hawk Owl, Great Gray Owl and Boreal Owl.
  • The American Robin is Wisconsin’s State Bird.
  • The Northern 1/3 of Wisconsin has thousands of lakes which are popular nesting grounds for eagles, osprey and loons.


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