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Wisconsin Chipmunks

An advantage is that they have the ability to store a large amount of fat in their bodies so they stay warm during the cold weather. Wisconsin Chipmunks are also great climbers so, that gives them another place to hide. Unfortunately, they do have their disadvantages. Chipmunks have a very large list of predators that stalk them continuously. Some animals (snakes for example) benefit from the chipmunks because they can use the abandoned burrows for homes for themselves.

Tamias Stratus

Some humans like having chipmunks around because they eat insects and other pests. There are downfalls for having chipmunks around. One very annoying aspect is that chipmunks tend to eat up plants from gardens that people plant. They also like the taste of bird food which is originally not put out for them. There are however, many predators that keep tabs on these little creatures: humans, hawks, mink, raccoons, weasels, martens, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, red squirrels, cats, and large snakes.


Name: Wisconsin Chipmunk

Scientific Name: Tamias stratus

Measurements: length: 4-7in, weight: 3oz

Habitat: open deciduous woodlands, forest edges, brushy areas, bushes, stone/concrete walls, around houses or cemeteries

Diet: nuts, seeds, grains, snails, slugs, hand-outs from humans, acorns

Behavior: communicate by making chirping noise, live in burrows by themselves, only meet with other chipmunks during breeding season, and only leave burrows during daytime.

Reproduction: females mate with 1+ males repeatedly up to 6-7 hours, pregnant for 31 days, 2-9 offspring, 1st litter April-June, 2nd litter August-October, eyes open after a month.

Predators: humans, hawks, mink, raccoons, weasels, martens, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, red squirrels, cats, and large snakes

Life Expectancy: males: 4-5 years old in captivity, females: up to 9 years old

Extra Facts: Eastern chipmunks come from Asia, agouti seems to be smarter than white variety, and white chipmunks are more susceptible to disease and stress.

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: throughout state.

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Wisconsin Chipmunk

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Chipmunks in WI

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