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Economy Of Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a growing economy that fluctuates every day that passes.  Back in the 1960s iron mining was a major income but only for a brief moment.  Soon after that; sand, lime and many other mineral resources.  Those resources were very abundant during the 1970s.  But, again, that industry lost its popularity and a new more robust industry moved in.  That industry was logging.

Logging to this day is a very strong portion of our growing economy.  Where it is allowed, there are cutting down of trees all over the state of Wisconsin for many general purposes.  One of the great purposes for logging is the use for pulp and paper purposes.  Pulp and paper usage around the Green Bay area has become one of the largest industries in our great nation!  Another large portion of our economy in WI is the industry of dairy products.

Wisconsin is the number one state in the cheese production in the United States.  Pretty much everywhere you go in this state, you will see dairy cows.  Dairy products are one of our top industries in Wisconsin.  Farming has a big role in Wisconsin’s economy.  There are many varieties of crops in this state that help our economy grow including: corn, soybeans, hay, oats, potatoes, alfalfa, and many varieties of tasty fruits and vegetables.  There is a big list of industries in Wisconsin that supply great amounts of employment for the citizens of this state.

The top industries in WI supplying our economy are as follows: agriculture, machinery, food processing, paper products, electric equipment, metal products, and one of our biggest industries: Tourism.  Tourism seems to bring in more and more money to Wisconsin every year.  We have many recreational areas and gift places that bring in people from all over the country to see the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

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