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Wisconsin Gray Ground Squirrel

If a Wisconsin grey ground squirrel comes upon some bad weather, they will curl up and use their tail as a shield and to keep them warm. Grey ground squirrels have an excellent sense of smell which helps them when searching for nuts that they have buried. These squirrels sometimes bury nuts for later consumption. A grey ground squirrel's habitat varies between hardwood forests and coniferous forests. They tend to live wherever nuts and other foods are available.

Wisconsin Gray Squirrels

Did you know that a Wisconsin grey ground squirrel is a good swimmer? They are also known to be very good climbers which helps to get away from lurking predators. Grey ground squirrels are sometimes fun to watch; especially when they are playing with each other. Their known predators include: humans, hawks, owls, red foxes, raccoons, and snakes. If a squirrel doesn't get killed by one of these predators, they can live up to ten years old.

Sciurus Carolinensis

Name: Gray Ground Squirrel

Scientific Name: Sciurus carolinensis

Measurements: weight: 1 ½ lbs, length: 16-21in

Habitat: hardwood forests, wherever there are a lot of nuts to eat

Diet: acorns, nuts, seeds of maples and elms, corn, berries, apples, sap, fungi, bird food

Behavior: hide nuts for later use, like to play a lot with other squirrels, and tend to avoid close contact with other humans

Reproduction: sexually mature at 1 year old, 1st litter in late March-early April, 2nd litter in late July-early August, babies born with no fur and pink color, pregnant for 44 days, litters of 2-7 young

Predators: humans, hawks, owls, red fox, raccoons, and snakes

Life Expectancy: average of one year old, but can be up to 10 years old

Extra Facts: some are actually black, Ahjiduhmo- Chippewa word for grey squirrel, always travel during the day.

Part of Wisconsin it generally resides: throughout state especially in wooded areas.

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Gray Squirrels

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Wisconsin Gray Squirrel

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