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History Of Wisconsin


Welcome to Wisconsin, home of the cheese heads and badgers. Wisconsin has been around for quite some time now and continually adds to the timeline, making its history more and more acknowledgeable for all around. On the date of May 29, 1848, the creation of a state with wildlife, nice people, and a growing economy became known and loved. This was a day of accomplishment and excitement. Wisconsin was the thirtieth state in the United States to become a state.

Before Wisconsin became a state, it was said to have been inhabited by the known ancient mound builders. Also occupying this land before it became a state was the tribes of: Ojibwa, Menominee, and the Winnebago. Our state has been a home to many different heritages for many years. Included in this group of heritages were the Europeans. In the year of 1717; the first European to have permanently settled in Wisconsin was established. Thus becoming history all in itself.

In the early times of Wisconsin's discovery, the economy of fur trading was very popular. Traders were coming from all around to trade furs between each other. Many furs were traded during that time, but one of the more popular furs was the fur of the beaver. The beaver had a fur that seemed to attract many fur collectors. The beaver has always been very prominent species in Wisconsin.

Well, I could go on and on with this history of this great state, but there would be no end. This state is a fast paced state with new things happening everyday that are added to its history. Read on through the later topics for more information on this wonderful state and inform yourself with the knowledge of Wisconsin-The Dairy State (Family Farming).


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