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Wisconsin Lake, Rivers, Creeks and Streams


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List of Wisconsin Lakes, Fishing Lakes, Rivers, Creeks  and Trout Streams in Wisconsin - Alphabetical Order.  Lakes (X) behind them indicate the number of  lakes with the same name.  There's about 9,000 unnamed lakes, ponds and springs in Wisconsin not listed here.


What are Wisconsin's popular lakes? - List of Popular Fishing Lakes in WI.

Castle Rock Lake aka Castle Rock Flowage - Wisconsin’s 4th Largest Lake and part of the Wisconsin River Flowage System. This is not only a popular boating lake but also popular fishing lake for Smallmouth, Walleye and panfish, located just North of Wisconsin Dells.

Lake Petenwell aka Petenwell Flowage - Wisconsin’s 2nd Largest Lake and part of the Wisconsin River Flowage System.  This is one of the largest and most popular fishing lakes in WI, know for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Musky and Catfish.

Wisconsin River - It’s estimated 430 mile journey in Northern Wisconsin by Upper Michigan, flows southward through Central Wisconsin where it forms WI’s 2nd & 4th largest inland body of water; Petenwell Flowage and Castle Rock Lake.

Chippewa Flowage – Well know for Musky and walleye fishing with lots of bays and islands for structure.
Eagle River Chain of Lakes – Also known for Musky and Walleye fishing these 9 connected lakes consist of over 3000+ acres of freshwater.

Buffalo Lake – For the most part is very long, shallow and loaded with weeds BUT that’s were you can find some amazing Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike fishing.

Lake Geneva – Is more of a highend tourist lake filled with Lake Trout, Walleye, some Pike and a wide variety of panfish.

Lake Holcombe aka Holcombe Flowage – Is just under 4,000 acres of water, has 60 miles of shoreline with a max depth of 60 feet and offers some great fishing for Lake Sturgeon, Bass, Catfish, Walleye, Panfish, Northerns and Musky.  

Lake Koshkonong – Is lake only has a max depth of 11 or 12 feet but makes up for it with about 10,500 acres of water filled with Northern Pike, Walleye, Musky, Panfish and both Large and Smallmouth Bass.
Little Green Lake – Is on of the smaller of the popular Wisconsin Lakes with only 460 acres but is know for it’s Tiger Musky fishing.

Lake Mendota – Is a very popular lake due to its size and proximity to Madison which is the Capital of Wisconsin.
North and South Twin Lakes – Located in Vilas County, WI with about 1150 other lakes is just under 3000 acres of water with an average depth of 28 ft. and a max depth of 60 ft.  The 2 lakes have a little bit for any fishermen; Black Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Musky, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass Yellow Perch and Walleye.

Sturgeon Bay – Is part of Lake Michigan located by Green Bay and Door County, Wisconsin, it’s one of Great Lake better fishing spots.   

Trout Lake (Vilas County) – Is one of Wisconsin more popular lakes for it’s size but more for it’s 115+ ft depth and offers a wide variety of fishing including; Lake Trout, Bowfin, Perch, Whitefish, Cisco, Pike, Musky, Bass, Panfish and Walleye.

Tomahawk Lake - Also known as "The Queen of the North Woods Lakes" in WI and is home to Musky, Northern, Panfish, Walleye, Bass and more... The Lake has several public boat landings, a public beach, parks and other publci areas plus it's about 3,462 acres with a max depth of 84 feet.

Lake Winnebago – Wisconsin’s largest inland lake with an amazing 132,000 acres or 206 sq miles, located in-between Fond Du Lac, Oshkosh and Appleton.   See link for Details!



Wisconsin Lakes, Rivers, Creeks and Streams organize alphabetically.

A's: Abbot Ranch Flowage - Axhandle Lake

B's: Babb Creek - Byrds Creek

C's: Cabin Lake - Cynthia Slough

D's: D L Lake - Dynamite Lake

E's: Eagle Harbor - Extrom Lake

F's: Fair Play Creek - Furnace Branch

G's: G Flowage - Gust Lake

H's: Haack Lake - Hyms Creek

I's: Ice House Lake - Island Lake (2)

J's: Jack Creek - Jyme Lake

K's: K C Creek - Kyle Lake

L's: L Bass Lake - Lyons Millpond

M's: Mabel Lake (2) - Mystery Lake (2)

N's: Nace Creek - Nymphia Lake

O's: Oak Creek - Oxford Lake

P's: Paasch Lake - Pywaosit Lake

Q's: Quail Point Flowage - Quinnell Creek

R's: Rabe Creek - Rynearson Flowage No. 1

S's: Sabin Lake - Sylvan Lake

T's: T Lake - Tyra Lake

U's: Ucil Lake - Utica Lake

V's: Valentine Creek - Voyageur Lake

W's: Waack Lake - Wyona Lake (Wyocena Millpond)

Y's: Yahara River - Yukon Creek


Z's: Zalensky Pond - Zottle Lake



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