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Advertise on Wisconsin-WI.com for part of your Wisconsin Online Marketing.

Your Ad should be seen about 3X times per visit by our Average Visitor! Call 608-474-2110 ask for John.

Top Banner Ads

$75 per Month

$200 for 3 months

$600 per year

Middle Banner Ads

$100 per Month

$250 for 3 Months

$750 per year

Unlimited pageviews and unlimited click through banners during the time you paid for.

Only 10 Top Banner Ads Sold – 1 per Industry, Must be a Wisconsin Company, Organization or Group

Only 10 Middle Side Ads - 1 per Industry, Must be a Wisconsin Company, Organization or Group

Wisconisn-WI.com currently averages 175 unique visitors per day they view 2.6 pages and stay on the website for 2 minutes and 25 seconds.  Our web traffic is only getting better!

Our banner ads rotor every 5 seconds X 10 Ads = 50 seconds for full banner ad rotation.  So your ad should be seen about 3 times by our average visitor which are on the site for about 2 minutes & 25 seconds.

Advertisers will have to supply their own banners in jpg, .png or .psd formats

  • Top Banners are 500X100 pixels at 100 dpi (5 X 1 Inches)
  • Middle Banners are 100X500 pixels at 100 dpi (1X5 Inches)

Create your Own Banner - http://www.webbanner24.com/

I made this Banner in 3 minutes, it’s very easy

Wisconsin Online Marketing

Or hire a professional to design a banner for you.


Webmaster reserves the right to reject any advertiser for any reason.


Wisconsin Online Marketing


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