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Wisconsin Wild Turkeys


For Wisconsin wild turkeys, the wingspan differs between the males and females. The male wingspan can get up to an average of forty-two to forty-eight inches in length. The female wingspan can get up to an average of thirty-four to thirty-nine inches in length. This wingspan helps them fly well. You will generally find Wisconsin wild turkeys from the central portion of the state all the way down to the southern border. They tend to stay in this general area. More Wisconsin Wildlife!


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The female Wisconsin wild turkeys especially have a benefit that helps them survive. Their lighter color helps them blend into their surroundings when hiding from predators. Although, these are wonderful benefits for the wild turkey; they do have their unfortunate downfalls. Wild turkeys do not see well at night so they have a disadvantage to the predators lurking nearby. Wild turkeys have many predators not just for them, but also for their eggs. Humans tend to hunt them for their meat; which many love.


Name: Wild Turkeys

Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo

Measurements: height: 2.5-3ft tall, weight: up to 25lbs, male wingspan: 42-48in, female wingspan: 34-39in

Habitat: open areas mainly; use forests for hiding from predators and for roosting

Diet: plants, animals, insects, acorns, seeds, and fruit

Behavior: mobile, feed in morning and afternoon, travel in groups

Reproduction: Feb. to Apr., 10-12 eggs,

Predators: bobcats, foxes, great horned owls, red-tailed hawks, and humans

Life Expectancy: males: just over 2 years old, females: just over 3 years old

Extra Facts: between 5,000-6,000 feathers on body, males breed w/ more than one female


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