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Wolves in WI

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You hear them howl; you see them run; who are those animals with the mysterious eyes?  Wisconsin Wolves are astonishing animals that catch everyone’s attention.  You will find these Wolves mainly in the northern and central portions of the state.  The sizes of the Wisconsin Wolves differ between the sexes.  The males are generally larger than the females.  Males can get up to six and a half feet long while females only get up to five and a half feet in length.  A Female Wolf usually weigh up to sixty to eighty pounds and the male can weigh up to seventy to one hundred ten pounds.  I wouldn’t want to mess with one of the male Wolf being that big.  Even though the weight and length differ between the males and females, the height seems to be about the same for both.  They generally get to be twenty-six to thirty-two inches high up to the shoulder.

Wisconsin Wolf

Wisconsin Wolves have a strong sense of hearing which benefits them by helping them hear their predators and prey from long distances away.  Wolves also have very strong legs which allow them to sprint up to thirty-five mph on short distances when running after prey or away from predators.  You will generally find them in wooded areas; however, they do tend to go into grassy territories and meadows when following their prey.  Their diet consists of varieties of: deer, moose, caribou, elk, bison, musk-oxen, and beavers.  Wisconsin Wolves have a behavior much like your typical house dog.  The Wolf likes to play and frolic a lot with other Wolves which is also part of training.  They spend eight percent of their time resting.  Wolves are pretty much harmless and won’t bother you unless you bother them or put them into danger.

Canis Lupis

When Wisconsin Wolves travel, they like to stay in packs to help protect each other.  They do what they can to increase their safety.  Wisconsin Wolves’ mating season happens between the months of February and March.  The mother wolf is pregnant for around sixty-three days and then she gives birth to four to six cute little pups.  Don’t ever try to mess with the pups because the parents will protect them with all of their strength.  What is interesting about Wolves is that sometimes the male and female once paired, will mate for life.

Adult Wolves

Wolves have many advantages to their existence.  One major advantage is that they can use their loud howl to either call their pack together or warn the others of nearby danger.  A Wolf also put a scent on the trees around them to warn others of their territory.  The color of their fur also helps them to blend into their surroundings when going after prey or hiding from lurking predators.  One of the problems that Wisconsin Wolves have is loss of their habitat.  This is due to: logging, bad storms, and other natural events. 

Wolf Pups

Another downfall for the Wolves is that a good number of humans like to hunt Wolves for their beautiful fur.  Wolves also put out benefits for other animals in the wild.  Wolves tend to leave some of their meals unfinished so other animals naturally don’t have to look very hard to find their dinner some nights.  The only predators that a wolf seems to have so far are humans and other Wolves.  Wild Wolves are known to live up to thirteen years.  If they are captive they get to be up to sixteen years old.

Wisconsin Wolves

Wisconsin Wolves are a very interesting animal;  If you get the chance to see one, take a picture!  It is a moment of a lifetime.  One interesting fact about the wolf is that the leader of the pack is called an alpha.  Wolves are also known as the largest member of the canine species.  They can get to be pretty large.  Did you know that a pack of howling Wolves can be heard by humans from as far as 10 miles away?  Also, if they need to, a wolf can go up to two weeks without food.  Wisconsin Wolves are an amazing canine!

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Wisconsin Wildlife | Animals | Trail Camera Videos | Wildlife Videos | Underwater Videos

Wisconsin Wolves

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