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Red Fox

 The Wisconsin Vulpes Vuples better know as the Red Fox is one of our most beautiful animals.  If you get the chance to see one nearby, take a picture because it will be a memory worth revisiting.  The Red Fox territory covers most of North America including WI and other countries like: Japan, Asia, Britain, & Europe to name a few.  The pups (young fox) are born blind; however, after a couple of weeks the young pups are able to see the world around them.  Unlike wolves and other dogs that hunt and live in pack, the "Red Fox" does not.  They generally stay alone unless they’re with their family.  The Red Fox will travel, but will usually stay in the same home area for their whole life.  Once they start a family, both the male and female will watch over the pups to make sure they are well protected.  The Red Fox have acute vision and a keen sense of smell. 


“The Red Fox in the Photo is a Wisconsin local Resident named Jasper”




Name: Red Fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes Vulpes

Measurements: 3 ½ ft,  8-12lbs

Habitat: forests, prairies

Diet: mice, rabbit, berries, insects, squirrels, birds, garbage

Predators: coyotes, wolves, eagles, bears, mountain lions, humans-biggest predator

Life Expectancy: up to 3 years old in wild.


Red Fox Pups (Babies) Playing


Red Fox Pups (Babies) Playing in Wisconsin by LandmanRealty


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